As a renewed occasion to express its ethos, AERON invites Copenhagen-based artist Leïla Guinnefollau to create a special artwork for Copenhagen Fashion Week SS24 edition. 

Titled ‘AERON Abstract Laboratory', the installation is inspired by a conversation with the brand’s Founder and Creative director, Eszter Áron. The multi-particle piece captures the utmost essence of creativity's genesis: the naturally carefree and joyfully imaginative play of children. It is creativity in its initial and purest expression, so powerful, that the boundaries between reality and the imagination blend and, moreover, magically expand. 

Who didn’t create a magic potion of a little bit of this and that as a child, believing in their creative potential, believing, what they do will create change in the world?” asks the artist in her manifesto. 

As a result, a laboratory is erected in the middle of the exhibition space — encapsulating a curation of nouveau-naive objects: hand-blown glassworks and ceramic figurines, all of which represent fragments of the AERON universe. All interconnected, the pieces are Guinnefollau’s unrestrained interpretation of Eszter Áron’s ambition to create a subdued yet intriguingly elegant world each and every season.