What characterizes the pieces we create the most, is the women who wear them. For this reason, we are calling on our core community to join us in our series of talks titled 'In celebration of all women', where we cover subjects of the female gaze, womanhood, beauty, community, and female empowerment.

Next up in our series is Diet Paratha's Anita Chhiba, who celebrates how speaking up can change the world.

Through your work with Diet Paratha, what have you learnt about the importance of community?

For the South Asian diaspora specifically - that we are so much stronger together. Being able to connect with people that have similar missions and outlooks, and taste too – when those people come together the power is so unstoppable. Collectively, the power of the people is easily the most important thing that I’ve learnt.

And experiencing that power must be very different from just knowing about it?

Absolutely! I find that people who really respect Diet Paratha are people who are consistently creating or being open to being inspired. People who know how hard it is to put something out there with your name on it are also the types of people that really respond so well to seeing other people platformed. So, to discover that my community is filled with people who are makers at the highest level has been really powerful. Connecting people, and being connected with so many brilliant people is truly rewarding, and it’s definitely what makes the community what it is today.

When do you feel most empowered, and why is that?

When I’m creating I feel the happiest, so when I've had an idea and I gun for it immediately and with the right types of people around me, that’s when I feel the most empowered, for sure.

The constant conversation around the female body influences us all. In your view, how can we make this conversation liberating, not limiting?

The power of the people will help liberate us. We all of course have a collective responsibility to fight for justice. Including acting as allies to marginalised and oppressed people. It’s about taking a stand and speaking up because we absolutely can’t make any change in silence. It’s especially important that brands, platforms and people with influence use their power to help amplify the work that is being done to free us from patriarchy and archaic laws and systems.


Production by Stephanie Lawley Art Direction and Styling by Bonnie Langedijk Photography by Sam Copeland Interview by Iselin Skogli Casting by Andrea Martinez