AERON’s first publication, The Process invites the reader to an intimate journey to present a closer look at the founder, the atelier and the brand itself: the AERON universe unfolds through the process. It presents a comprehensive visual history exploring the past, present and future, from the Creative Director’s personal story to the creation of a garment, a collection: a life’s work.

To celebrate this exceptional moment, AERON invites the community and the industry to launch events in three key cities in January 2024: in its hometown in Budapest, in its first private showroom in Paris, and in Copenhagen after the brand’s Fall/Winter 2024 fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

Hosted in the gallery space of Pikszis Kultúrközpont, Budapest, AERON celebrated the launch of the The Process with close friends, colleagues and family members. The three pillars of The Process unfolded through an exhibition, presenting unseen videos from Eszter Áron’s childhood and the everyday of the Atelier. Campaign photos and polaroids from fittings were also showcased, revealing AERON’s visual archive, while tailoring patterns walked through the viewer’s step-by-step of a garment’s and a collection’s creation.

Ágnes Tar
András Szombathy


Eszter Áron

Creative Director

Gábor Fodor Papp

Managing Director

Alíz Simon
Art Director

Luca Csíkszentmihályi
Marketing Manager

Máté Dávid
PR Manager

Ece Özturna
PR and Content Executive

Petra Zajácz
Graphic Designer

Dávid Radvány
Marketing Intern

Neureal (Laura Csocsán)
Cardinal Classic Mid (Production Type)
Type in Use

Metro Models
VM Models Model Agency

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