AERON is a tour-de-force of paired back silhouettes and progressive design, contrasts synthesized: a modern woman’s complexity in balance. Founded by Eszter Áron, the Budapest-based brand AERON sets out to seamlessly blend the timelessness of traditional tailoring with state-of-the-art design techniques, always filtered through the lens of a modern woman’s day-to-day.

Born in our in-house atelier in a collaborative spirit of seasoned professionals, the result is a collection of best-in-class staples and statement designs. It’s one where novelty still feels familiar against the backdrop of what’s come before, designed for the woman who is faithful to building her wardrobe. Sustained evolution over radical revolution.

Whether it’s across our range of contemporary suiting, standout leather styles or throughout our ZERO line of core knitted staples, our ambition is to become a responsible industry leader that doesn’t compromise on quality. All of which is driven by the latest waste-reducing innovations and sustainable sourcing practices.

Luxury as it was always meant to be.


Eszter Áron was born in Hungary, 1981. Her grandfather worked as a tailor, while her mother was a textile trader whom Áron frequently accompanied to textile, fashion, and art fairs as a child. These experiences, along with the impeccable sense of personal style of her mother, developed Áron’s eye for aesthetics and accelerated the unavoidable, working in the industry herself. Despite her mother’s advice, she became a designer.

While still studying business and fashion design, Áron’s double talent was quickly recognized: she was appointed to run the atelier of Hungary’s biggest apparel brand at the time. Working in the day, studying at night, she mastered both conceptual and pragmatic aspects of running a fashion business—experiences which fine-tuned her sense of leadership. Her aim to dress like-minded women came to fruition with the launch of AERON, her namesake label, founded in 2012.

Working with best-in-class materials in her in-house atelier—always through the lens of sustainable innovation—Áron sets out to create state-of-the-art garments with close attention to detail. Her design principle is clear: using the friction that comes from balancing opposites to her strength. In practice, that equates to blending the masculine and the feminine, the elegant and the rustic, man-made and the machine-made.