Opening Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Fall/Winter 2023 runway show continued our support of the local industry. The model casting included Danish friends of the brand, styling was by Rikke Wackerhausen-Sejersen. AERON also collaborated with Danish artist Marie Nørgaard Nielsen, whose contemporary artwork  “The Oracle” was repurposed as a set-design, on a zero-waste approach to meet CPHFW’s Minimum Standards and Áron Eszter’s vision for her namesake label. The installation, which was staged in the center of the location, formed a semi-transparent spiral, with light radiating through as an invitation to enter the drill of self-discovery.
The idea of timelessness is a core design value at AERON. It is also expressed in our forever leather styles, where sleek design and utilitarian details are in a mesmerizingly elegant midnight blue color for the season. Coats are ranging from classic silhouettes tailored of a soft wool, silk and cashmere blend, to water repellent technical jackets.
The dedication to elevate knitwear to an ethereal sphere has continued in Fall/Winter 2023 and resulted in a range of experimentations from delicate semi-sheer tops, through soft to the touch cashmere staples and bright eveningwear to playful chunky pieces. With pared-back colors and sophisticated touches such as trumpet sleeves or collar details, this season’s knitwear styles are made with the aim of a multi-layering function, enveloping the body.
As AERON's Founder and Creative Director, Eszter Áron comes from a family of tailors, suiting is explored season after season with a dedication to sharp lines, elevated details and impeccable quality. In Fall/Winter 2023 suits are revisited: cuts are extra boxy for a more relaxed feeling, emphasizing the core idea behind the collection: business is not as usual.


Creative Director Eszter Áron
Photography Ed Gumuchian
Styling Rikke Wackerhausen-Sejersen
HMU Cianne Denize, Jesper Hallin
Casting Camilla Bigler
Model Agencies Scoop, Le Management, Elite, Unique, Mikas, Fiiri Agency, Gossip, Legend
Installation Marie Nørgaard Nielsen
Shoes ATP Atelier