True to our design philosophy of offering an advanced approach to day-to-day dressing, always through blending traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design techniques, our Resort 2023 collection translates to best-in-class staples for the modern woman, and a historic, 83% high sustainable material use. The latter proves, impeccable quality can come with lower cost on the environment.

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As an example of our Founder’s ever-present design philosophy of using the friction that comes from balancing opposites to her strength, contrasting textures and materials coexist in perfect harmony within the range. The cozy BAY sweater is paired with whisper-weight satin trousers, while an ultrafeminine knitted dress is styled with the everlastingly present, structured MERCEDES leather blazer. The latter's success evidently signals where the Creative Director comes from: a family of tailors.For our leather staples we use chrome-free 100% lambskin leather that is LWG certified, while the sumptuous satin is made from shiny FSC-certified viscose.

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Our seasonal knitwear offering furthermore elevates the design game AERON masters season after season. In essence, voluminous classics such as a boxy crewneck or short-sleeved polo shirt serve as foundations made of ivory-colored, luxurious cashmere. Inspired by the exploration of playfully mixed knitting techniques, the Rustic Knit was born for the new season, combining openwork stitch, crochet, square ribs and twisted cables, resulting in the most exciting, experimental uneven yarn.

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As a response to how the AERON woman wants to return to the office, our Creative Director, Eszter Áron does what she’s best at: contemporary suiting tailored for post-pandemic comfort in breezy wool, vertical cut-outs, and asymmetric seamlines. Suiting being ever present in AERON’s design vocabulary, it is furthermore explored by pushing the comfort factor to its max, and perfecting a knitted suiting set in Milanese method alongside the brand’s best-seller knitted styles: the signature BAY sweater and the MOUNT cardigan returned in dark chocolate.

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AERON’s Shima Seiki machinery produced ZERO sub-line is fully updated as a result of better listening to the women who wear the brand and a deeper understanding of modularity. Subsequently, new knitted styles evolve from historic bestsellers in new seasonal colors such as sage against the backdrop of ZERO's everlasting cream and black. At the same time, three newly developed statement pieces give a chance to curate a knitted co-ord, from tonal minimal to playful maximalist in an inclusive size range.

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For this season, we reintroduce our favorite natural poplin with its slightly shiny surface, adding a truly luxurious feel to these garments which are detailed with our signature, golden A-motif buttons. This season, the A-Motif is explored in recycled polyester, adding a heritage feel to the progressive designs.

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Creative Director Eszter Áron
Photography Georgia Devey Smith, MINK MGMT
Styling and Art Direction Bonnie Langedijk
Casting Director Megan McCluskie
Model Aweng Choul, Models 1
Hair Stylist Tomi Roppongi, Julian Watson Agency
Make-up Artist Siddharta Simone, Julian Watson Agency
Set Designer Jemima Hetherington
Creative Producer Andrea Martinez