ZERO is AERON’s core collection of knitted staples exclusively made with zero-waste, Wholegarment technology. Whereas traditional knitted garments are made of separate panels and assembled manually, our ZERO garments are produced innovatively in one entire, three-dimensional piece by Shima Seiki machinery.

This way of production uses less energy than traditional systems and allows us to only consume the amount of yarn required for an item, minimizing leftovers that otherwise go to waste.

Over at the brand’s core ZERO line of knitted staples made exclusively with Wholegarment technology, the AERON’s signature mimosa yellow color appears alongside the carryover black and cream colorways. At the same time, newly developed statement silhouettes give a chance to curate a knitted co-ord, from tonal minimal to playful maximalist in an inclusive size range.

Eszter Áron
Creative Direction

István Lábady

Melissa Jane Tarling

Ábel Telenkó

Berni Titkos

Sara Hawija @MIKAs