The new season of our series of talks titled 'In celebration of all women' has a wider focus on our community’s lifestyle, who let us into their world through freely exploring the colortones of our ZERO line.

Next up is photographer Diana Bartlett, and her interpretation of color vanilla.

Your Instagram handle is punctually_late. What is your relationship with you being late, and others being late?

The name actually came from someone telling me I was ‘punctually late’ to their life in a romantic sense and it stuck with me. I also have a friend who got it tattooed on his wrist. But to actually answer your question, I am always late.


In an interview you say, you accidently moved to Turkey once. Do “accidents'' as such appear frequently in your life?

I take things as they come and if something feels right at the time and it’s doable, I go headfirst. I embrace accidents very frequently in my life but I’ve never thought about it like that before.


Do you believe in coincidences?

Absolutely, I’m in love with coincidence.

Besides work-related content, most of the articles that pop up when googling your name are travel guides and you seem to be a true connoisseur. What value traveling has in your life?

What is life if it isn’t a search for beauty? Traveling allows me to be curious, spontaneous and sensitive to new elements. It’s quite fulfilling to build my knowledge bank of culture, countries and imagery.


What is the distinction between being a tourist and being a traveler? 

A tourist is always on the edge, a voyeur. Whereas a traveler immerses.


How did meeting other cultures’ women, for example in Turkey, did change your own perception of womanhood?

There is no singular definition or number of characteristics that define who or what a woman is.


What are the things that come to your mind when you hear: Budapest? 

Grandness and bathhouses. 


You work around the role of a creative director who styles and photographs.

When you take the picture of a woman, what triggers your creativity? Her freedom and confidence on a level that is not physical.


What meaning do clothes have in your life?

Clothing is armor, comfort and confidence. 


When and where did you experience freedom of expression as a woman? 

I recently published a book of photography entitled L’ALTRA GLORIA that was an exploration of a region in Italy called Le Marche. I called the shots.



Photography and Creative Direction by Diana Bartlett
Styling by Eszter Áron
Art Direction by Bonnie Langedijk
Interview by Máté Dávid Casting by Andrea Martinez