We are thrilled to release the new season of our series of talks titled 'In celebration of all women'. This time, with a wider focus on our community’s lifestyle. In addition, through their own lens, inspired by Eszter Aron’s core belief that the AERON women's lifestyle is multifaceted and their wardrobe is a reflection of it. Join us in our quest to connect and meet three outstanding women from our diverse community of inspiring creatives. 

First up is Charlie Ann Max, the creator of the liberating event series, The Füde Experience.

How did the idea of Füde come about? 

The Füde experience is a liberating space that celebrates our most pure selves through soul-nourishing food, art, nudity and self love. I'm passionate about creating experiences which are centered on vulnerability, expansion and connection. Each experience is unique with different themes and exercises but one constant remains: everyone leaves feeling transformed. Originally, Füde was an Instagram account I created during the pandemic. I shared my own vegan recipes and photographed them alongside my naked body, and made a donation to No Kid Hungary and Appetite for Change for each time one of my followers would complete and post the recipe. Due to the nudity of my imagery, Instagram repeatedly censored and deleted my account time and time again. Tired from this process, and with the reopening of public spaces, I decided to put more intention into creating a safe space for Füde in real life through my event series, The Füde Experience. Now I have the great privilege and joy of hosting, collaborating and learning alongside my community in real time, without relying solely on digital.  

How do you create a safe space to support people in experiencing a tabu: being nude? 

The freedom of nudity expands far beyond the simple act of being in the nude. I have found that it is an act of surrender. In order for everyone to access their most pure, divine selves, safety is my top priority. As the project has evolved, I have put new methods in place to ensure the safety of all based on previous lessons. Beyond screening people interested in attending my experiences, I’ve found that requiring nudity for all has been the best way to hold this kind of space. It creates a mutual and fair environment for everyone involved. The events are curated by facilitators from many industries, with each facilitator bringing their own perspective to Füde's goal: connecting participants to their most pure selves. These practitioners bring diverse practices into the space, including but not limited to meditations, sound bath healings, breath work, movement, vocal toning or chants, life  drawing and writing prompts. These help establish energy flow and encourage all to let go while tuning in. Then comes the meal. I prepare and serve a three course, plant based dinner that  nourishes the soul. We then begin a themed discussion (i.e. renaissance and rebirth, untethering, and general vulnerability) where everyone has space to share and be heard. 


Was it always as easy for you to be around people naked, as it shows on your Instagram?

I have had a long journey to self acceptance. I grew up dancing in ballet schools and I  allowed the toxic body culture that followed to create a disconnection between myself  and my body. Practicing nudity was the first step that helped me heal from body dysmorphia. Around ten years ago, my roommates and I grew very close and naturally  started being naked around one another. It felt so liberating—almost like a practice to learn how to let go, love and accept myself in front of others. It was another level of  comfort to be captured in photographs, though… modeling was the next layer of healing. As I started to model four years ago, I learned to release control over my own image. I had a very hard time with this at first as I was preoccupied with my insecurities. Eventually it led me to find beauty in every part of myself, at every angle. I am so grateful for the empowerment I’ve gained through modeling and I am honored to represent this strength through my Füde experiences. The more we learn to love all aspects of ourselves, the more we have a healthier impact on our lives and the lives around us.


What would be your advice to someone (like me) who is on a diet, goes to the gym 3 times a week, and yet still feels uncomfortable to show up in swimwear?

I suggest practicing nudity in your own home. Practice makes progress! The more  exposure you have to your own body, the more normalized it will begin to appear, and the more comfortable you will feel in your skin. That, or come to one of my events!


How do you take care of your body? 

Our bodies are our true homes. We house millions of tiny living organisms that we should love and show appreciation for by consciously feeding them with wholesome nutrients. I love the quote “how much life is in your life.” I believe that food is our life source and should be honored as such. I use food as a tool to foster a connection between my body, mind and soul. I encourage people to see food as a way to nurture a relationship with their most pure and divine self. I also encourage movement, meditation, connecting to source energy, and rest. 



What is your reflection on cosmetic surgery?

I believe that what people want to do to their own bodies is their choice. I don’t partake personally. 


What would be the most pressing stereotype you wish to challenge? 

That healthy food can be flavorful, delicious and satisfying.


Your visual expression feels to be eclectic historicism, ancient Rome, a bit of 90s positivism. What were the visual experiences that shaped your aesthetic? 

I am always drawn to things in their most pure state — natural, simple, honest.


Which historical figure do you most identify with?

Cherubs in Renaissance art.


What is the change you’d like to see in our world? 

I’d love to see more transformation through conscious choices. It starts within. 


Photography and Creative Direction by Charlie Ann Max
Styling by Eszter Áron
Art Direction by Bonnie Langedijk Interview by Máté Dávid Casting by Andrea Martinez