For the Fall/Winter 2022 season, we have updated our Eco Stretch Ribbed-Knit blend with a corn-based polymer called Sorona to accelerate our sustainable advancement. As a result, the earlier introduced innovative ZERO line, our core collection of knitted staples, becomes close to 100% sustainable.



Unlike other traditionally industry-wide used polymers which are oil-based, Sorona is a plant-based polymer that signals a shift in the brand’s life from oil-based materials to bio-based ones. Besides the natural base of this man-made yarn, chemical synthesis in the process is replaced with natural fermentation, creating a bio compound.



This creation process uses 30-40% less energy than the production of nylon and releases 56-63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions⁠. Sorona is a man-made synthetic that is innovatively 37% plant-based. Because Sorona® polymer is partially plant-based, it reduces reliance on fossil-based materials.  With the addition of certified Ecovero Viscose, the material used for AERON’s ZERO line is now close to 100% sustainable.



Whereas traditional knitted garments are made of separate panels and assembled manually, our ZERO garments are produced innovatively in one entire, three-dimensional piece by Shima Seiki machinery. This way of production uses less energy than traditional systems and allows us to only consume the amount of yarn required for an item, minimizing leftovers that otherwise go to waste.


Based on nature, made by men, machinery produced




Photographed by Matti Varga and Géza Vadas